FroChic Natural: Rosemary

Origins and current location?

Was born and bred in Soweto, Gauteng but now reside in Kempton Park.

What do you do for a living?

Sales and Marketing Consultant.

How long have you been natural? Briefly take us through your natural hair journey.

I’ve been natural for 2.5 years now but I have been in and out of being natural. I have straightened my hair for a long time to keep it manageable but couldn’t maintain a style for more than two days. My hair is very coarse and very very thick; so it used to take the whole 500g jar of super straighter to make it soft and supple but it will only last for two weeks.

Why did you decide to go natural?

I never really liked dreads before because they were mostly associated with non cleanliness and a style that Rastas and people living on the streets can afford.  Then they introduced beautiful hairstyles (like plaiting) and business people also started to show up with beautifully kept dreads and I decided now I can join the club.

What are the challenges and advantages since you went natural?

The challenges are only when the hair is still in the starting process and you cannot keep it flat or keep it twisted for more than a day, but I kept mine under singles plaits, de brats and weaves until it was manageable and can be plaited without much pain.

What is your regimen and what products do you use?

I wash my hair myself fortnightly. I don’t dry hair with hairdriers but leave it do dry on its own with a special towel that you can get from Dischem. I use Jabu Stone Beeswax for twisting and Carrot oil for moisture and shine.

Where do you buy your hair products?

Clicks mostly but I can get them anywhere

Do you treat and style your own hair or leave it to the professionals?

I leave it to the professionals, I am a boy when it comes to styling.

What’s your favourite natural hair salon?

Knox hair salon. They only deal with dreadlocks. You can find Knox hair salons in Johannesburg (Newton and Braamfontein) and in Pretoria (corner Van der Walt & Church streets).

What natural hairstyle(s) do you like to rock?

Afro and Bongo dreads.

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