Jun 262012

So I just realized that most of you guys have been hit by the winter season a while ago already, which is not the case on my side of the world where its been relatively warm until just a few days ago, thanks to this global warming person.

And talking about winter… Winter and I have what I like to call a “love-hate relationship” because it not only gives me a few extra kilos, but I also enjoy the warm lovely food that one gets to tuck in. Is it just me or does anyone else think that winter clothes are ridiculously expensive considering that you only need them for like 3 months?!

Anyhu, it is cold and it is going to get colder until we hit spring time, so until then we need to keep our gorgeous selves warm and we need to look fab while we at it. A lot of people have that “as long as I am warm” attitude during winter, if I see any of you guys looking like that I will just scream.

So, here are a few winter must haves…

I will start with my firm favourite this winter, all because I managed to find myself a pair that zips all the way up to the end. It is…wait for it… The Riding Boots. For the past three years I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair. You get them in genuine leather; they are nice and comfy, and will last you a lifetime.

Another item that’s been keeping us warm for a couple of years now and I must say, they still look gorgeous… The beloved Trench Coat. Long or short they just do a really great job in keeping the chills away and the best part about them is that you can dress them up or down.



Behold, I think this is the seasons most glam item: the Cape. This 60s inspired baby really works well when layering different items or textures underneath because it gives you that space and allowance. I personally like the cropped version with a bit military detailing.


And what is winter without our beloved scarves. If you are like me and love scarves, and even wear them in summer, you’ll be glad that you can rock your scarf the whole day without breaking in a sweat. They also come in different fabrics too.  You can choose between a scarf or a snood (those scarves with no beginning or end).


Yes, these little knitted babies are back with a bang and they are getting chunkier and chunkier with beautiful graphics and designs too. They also look good dressed down in jeans.



If you like to be bold and be noticed, this one is for you. The fur coats are for you. They are very glam and elegant. They work well with jeans and killer stilettos or glam it up with formal dresses, for a formal evening out.


There is nothing I love more than dressing down in sweats and sneakers or flat pumps. Another item that is making a big hit are baseball sweaters.



The opague tights, they come in beautiful colours to add life to any outfit. They work well with anything short or long and even jeans. They actually add life to any outfit.

So ladies, keep your beautiful selves gorgeous and drink loads of warm water.



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May 162012

I think I’m falling in love with Solange Knowles…lol

Well, in love with her style, more than anything else. I love how she always manages to look so stylish and on-point at all times. Like a true Yummy Mummy! :-)

A friend of mine sent me this link of Solange’s look and I just had to share it with you guys…You can see more pics here: Graziadaily.co.uk

Wow, can she get any hotter?!…

May 072012
TL_June 2012

So I was at the shops over the weekend and I was just browsing through the magazine section of Checkers…then this lovely cover of True Love magazine caught my eye. Well…it was more like Claire Mawisa’s thick & brownish dreads which caught my eye first, then I saw my other favourite natural lady, Zizo Beda and lastly Judith Sephuma & I was like “niiiice!!” *bbm dancing emiticon*


Wow, 3 beautiful NATURALS all on one cover! :-)

Aren’t they just gorgeous!…

So we would just like to say big-ups to True Love for always trying to feature more naturals on their covers!

Apr 192012

Last weekend I went eyeshopping and guess what i bumped into…a 75% off sale at one of my favourite department stores. *bbm happy dance smiley* .BUT I decided not to buy anything #proudmoment

As I entered the shop I was greeted by this well dressed security guard, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. And to my surprise my favourite part about his whole outfit was…wait for it… his shoes!! Yes I said his shoes. He had the most gorgeous pair of brogues ever. Well brogues are those  lace-up shoes that guys (boys, men) used to wear back in the day and we thought (well I know I did) were hideous. But this time around there is just something about them because I love, love them now. More especially because they come around in a variety of colours and styles for us girls. I mean u can find them high or flat, bright or dark. And they work with almost every outfit.

Now back on the topic of stealing from the boys. Boys get to have the coolest clothes ever and at times I really wish I could just shop from the men’s side of the shop. But if u have a guy friend; husband; boyfriend, partner; dad or uncle why don’t you raid their closet and you’ll be surprised that you might come out with a few “to die” for items.

And from the older boys you might even score a few vintage items. But if you are like me and u don’t really have a boy to steal from because the boys you know are either too big or too small in size from you, you can always hit the shops because you can actually get “boy” inspired clothes on the girls section at the shops now.

So here are a few “boy inspired” outfits that u might want to look for and rock…The brogues, the boyfriend blazers, tuxedos. shirts or even ties and the old known chinos. And you will be looking absolutely gorge… and hot… and still look like a girl in them as the chilly season approaches.




So go ahead my fellow naturals, steal away!!



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Apr 132012
Hat with flower

With the winter chill slowly creeping in, a lot of us are already starting to think about how we can keep our hair protected from the harsh winter air. Some of us choose to wear different types of protective gear like beautiful scarfs/doeks, warm wooly hats, or beanies…the list is endless. But for a lot of us naturals, protective styling seems to be way to go!

Below are a few protective styling methods you can try out this winter:





Two-strand twists


If you choose to let your natural hair stay loose and free, you can always opt for a beautiful & warm beanie or hat. I’ve seen a few beautiful ones in most retail stores and I just love how cute, colourful & chunky they look…These ones are from Foschini!


Check out this cute wooly headband…very chic!

Now this one I definitely need in my closet!

What’s your take on protective styling during the colder months? Is it something you do often or do you let your hair just be and rather accessorise?


Picture source: Essence.com & Foschini.co.za

Feb 032012

You’ve probably seen a lot of her here on FroChic. She’s been featured as a natural before and also won the Thank God I’m natural giveaway competition. She’s a fashionista of note & her name is Nipha. She’ll be taking over from Zama who’s moved on to other new opportunities.

We’d like to wish her a fun time here and that you’ll love her as much as we do.

It’s a new year!!


Aug 222011


Can’t touch this!!

So all this time we thought u”Julia Motene”s hair was relaxed neh. She really had us right there.

Xolile Tshabalala is on this month’s True Love cover and amongst other things, she spoke about her hair. Lady has been natural all this time…unbelievable! And what a head full of beautiful, thick, black napps she’s got.

In her interview, Tshabalala says she’s not the type of actress that would get hired for her Barbie doll looks.

They can shove their deals! I’m beautiful the way I am. I have never gotten a role because someone thought I was pretty

This is what we <3 !

More on this natural beauty in the September issue of True Love magazine.

Jul 132011

Post by Zama

I am a girl who has always believed that accessories make the outfit and without accessories (correction, without the RIGHT accessories) in your life your outfit can become so blah and mundane. So I thought, why not focus on accessories; the staple of every outfit – what they are, how to wear them and most importantly how to make them work for you, keep you in trend and in style this season.

What are accessories?

When most people think of accessories, what comes to mind is jewelry, which is not wrong but accessories are way more than just jewelry, accessories range from shoes, bags, scarves, hats, pretty much anything that makes a plain Jane outfit stand out and make a mark. But the tricky thing about accessories is knowing how to pair your bag with your shoes; how to layer your jewelry and most importantly (which some people never get) there is a thing called too much accessories. But fear not my dear fashioniStas, I’m here to set you right and looking good. :-)

The Trends

The big trend right now, as we all know is the leopard print, which hasn’t always been favored in the fashion world.  If one would think of leopard print first thing that would come to mind would be trashy, very tacky and of course lady of the night!  But this once tacky print has totally turned a 360, to being classy and very risky. The thing I love about accessories especially when it comes to an over-powering print such as leopard print, it helps you to ease into the trend without over doing it and looking all tacky with leopard print head to toe.

These are great accessories tools to keep you in trend

Another big trend which I believe is finally being acknowledged and embraced is the natural look (took them long enough), and as proud as we are about our natural locks we all know that there are days when for some reason we just can’t get it right, ruining our whole day. So I’ve come to realize that all one really needs is a great accessory piece to keep our locks in check.

And what’s great about this is that it can be worn, winter, summer or spring.

The Pocahontas look: feathers are a big rage this season, from your hair accessories to earrings, I’m loving the look!

This is my get-up and go. This is a great look for winter, for when you’ve got something to hide; as well as for a stylish, yet lazy look.

Keeping true to your natural hair is surely going to keep you noticed and in style all season long.


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