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Unravelling The Wrap

The head wrap has been around for ages, but is it only recently that it seems to spark a new flame?

After Mrs Carter (Beyonce) rocked her turban inspired head gear a long while ago, it seems that head wraps have become the new kid on the block.

You will feel like a kid in a candy store as you experiment with wraps of different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. Head wraps are mostly seen as a fashion statement but that is not their only prized quality; they are practical too. When faced with a bad hair day situation wraps are your best friend.

Let’s unravel an array of different head wraps…

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About the author:

nosi picI’m Nosipho Ngcobo from Durban, KZN.  Having had unhealthy hair for quite some time, thick, long and healthy tresses were only but a dream. Hence I took it upon myself to attain that dream (trial and error included). Call it borderline hair obsession or determination; whatever it is, it evoked a burning urge of true understanding.

SA celebrities chop it (all) off!!


My Latest Obsession – Suede Nike Blazer High Tops


I only bought these in back March but you’d never tell…like if shoes could go on a strike, this pair would be on their 2nd month. I’m not a trend follower; I always know exactly what’s I want in my wardrobe and this pair of Black suede Nike Blazer high tops were just what I needed to alternate with my red (now turned pink) high top Converse All-Stars (which hubby took it upon himself to recolour through a washing machine. story for another day). I love shoes I can wear with pretty much anything in my wardrobe…whether up or down –  this pair is my latest ngamihla (items one’s always sported wearing).

I rock them with pretty much every outfit…

With leggings
With leggings


photo 1
My fav outfit: with a BD from Mr Price


With a formal pencil skirt

Heck I even rocked em the entire weekend at my late gran’s in the rurals last week!! Sorry Nike :(

Bundu bashin!

I bought them at Edgars in Melrose Arch; not sure if they still have them as my pair was the last at the time of purchase.

My search for the black and gold leather kicks still continues. Maybe I must start stalking Loot Luv, her Instagram suggests o itse sgoti sa Nike high

#IAmFroChic Photos!

Finally the pics are out and we are sooo happy with Monique and Vinny’s work!!

Without further ado, presenting our #IAmFroChic FACES!! :-)



Creative Copywriter in Adverstising from Albermarle, Germiston.

I’m still trying to figure out why I love my natural hair. I’ve always been a proudly bald black girl. When it grew, I would grit my teeth and go outside to comb my hair. #AfricanBhambatha. I’ve never really known how to take care of it besides washing it every day nge Sunlight Green bar shampoo. But what I’ve picked up via what other people say they love about my hair is that it’s naturally pitch black, it has a curl pattern plus a yummy-looking texture that earns me a couple of “Would you mind if I touched it” requests all the time. *shrugs* #BeatsMe But I allow it bantu. I am a natural newbie though.
On twitter: @nokxy
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Media student from Diepkloof, Soweto who works for full time for a Document Solutions company and an aspiring fashion stylist selling both men and ladies fashion bags.

I love almost everything about my natural hair; it lets me be and gives me so much confidence. I love the length, texture and colour. I have had my locs for 5 years now and still counting. They’re easy to maintain as the length allows me to do just about anything with them. I don’t have to worry each month about changing my hairstyle or even having to go to the salon. I wash and base my hair at home with help of cos from my lil sisters lol. My hair defines who I am and  I can never imagine myself with any other hairstyle. Treatment and maintenance don’t even cost me a lot and that is the ultimate bonus of it all J

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An SEO, social media ninja, blogger, songwriter and collector of really old vinyls who lives in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg
I love that its mine, my own hair and that I can do so much more with it, its healthier and stronger than all my past days of being addicted to hair crack
On Twitter: @fhatumphaphuli


Works for the bills, blogs for love of words and sharing and lives in Hillcrest, Pretoria.

My natural hair is unique, fun, pocket friendly and a conversation starter.

On Twitter:  @Meka_Owethu
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FroChic Ninjas – Nangamso and Matlhodi

#IAmFroChic Faces

Many thanks to our photographer, Monique of de Paiva Photography, our Make-up artist Vinny (079 613 5898) and of course the gorgeous faces of FroChic!

Note: To order your #IAmFroChic tank top (R160), email us on frochicATgmailDOTcom.

*Click on pics to enlarge.


Maybelline’s Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

I can definitely say this will be my staple foundation for a while; unless I find one better than this. I’m talking about Maybelline’s Dream Nude Airfoam :-)

20140518_115653 (2)

It’s basically an air-infused foundation. All you need to do is shake the bottle and pump out the foundation. You only need to pump it out once!


I really like how it feels so light on my skin and with the foam you actually end up getting more product out of it. All I need is about a R5 coin size of it and it’s enough to cover my entire face. So for those on a budget, it goes a long way. What is also great about this product it’s the coverage it gives you without weighing down your face.

I must give credit (again) to my sister for introducing me to this foundation. I told her I don’t like using foundation because some of them either feel too “heavy” on my skin or it looks like I’ve put the entire bottle of foundation on my face. When she told about this foundation and how light it feels on her skin, and after seeing what a flawless appearance it gave her skin…I decided to try it out and I’m happy I did :-)

Before (make-up free face)
Before (make-up free “mug shot” face)
After applying one coat of the Maybelline AirFoam

I like how natural it looks on my face and it doesn’t look like I have put on too much foundation. Did I mention it has a SPF 16 sunscreen built into it??! #winning! Now I want to try out their concealer to use on the dark circles under my eyes :-)