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Review | The Noir Beauty Box – May 2015

So I finally purchased my first Noir Beauty Box from MzansiFro – yippy!! 🙂

When I heard MzansiFro will be releasing a Noir Beauty Box which is specifically tailored for us black girls, I was thrilled! This meant hair products that work well for our hair and also make-up products that suit our skin tones. (I don’t know about you, but it is really not easy to find a foundation that is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I usually have to purchase two shades and mix them to get the right one 🙁 ).

The Noir Beauty Box is a monthly subscription service that you can register for at the MzansiFro website. Once you are registered they send you an email each month notifying you of all the products that will be available in the box for that month. Then it is up to you whether you would like to purchase that box for that month or not. The Noir Beauty Box retails for R230, plus R50 for delivery. The contents of the box change each month and they consist of hair & beauty related products.

So moving on to what I received in mine this month…


Let’s take a closer look…

1. Natural Moisture Twist & Shine Hair Butter (sample size)


I am looking forward to using this Twist and shine butter for twisting my locs. I am not a fan of beeswax, so I usually prefer to use products that work well for twisting two-strand twists. These type of products normally give me a great hold without causing too much build up on my locs.  Another great plus is that all the ingredients used are all natural.

2. Matsimela Marula Nut Lip Butter (Full size)


By far one of my favourite products in the box! It smells ah-mazing and it moistures my lips soo well. My lips tend to get very dry, and even more so on in winter, so this is the perfect lip butter for my lips.

3. Jamaican Mango & Lime’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Full size)


I’ve never used this product before so I am really looking forward to trying it out; especially for my scalp (my scalp has become very dry lately). I have heard nothing but good reviews on the Black Castor Oil so I hope it will become a staple for me.

4. Yivani Mhlonyane Body butter (Full size)


I love how thick and creamy this body butter is and how it does a great job in nourishing my thirsty skin. However, I must say, the scent is a bit too harsh for me. It has a very strong herb-ally scent to it and I am someone who prefers floral and fruity smells when it comes to body products. If you are someone who doesn’t mind a strong herbally/earthy smell to their body butter, then I would definitely recommend this one for dry skin.

5. Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-in Conditioner (full size)


I tend to stay away from leave-in conditioners because I find that if I use too much conditioner on my locs it ultimately causes product build-up and it can be a pain to remove it! However, I will give this one a try and see how it works for me. It is quite creamy and smells devine, so that is already a plus for me.

I am quite happy so far with my purchase of The Noir Beauty Box and I am looking forward to purchasing more beauty boxes in the future!

Visit: to purchase yours.

pic 1

Event Review: Urban Zulu Natural Beauty Salon Launch

pic 1

The launch of the Urban Zulu Natural Beauty Salon on the 11th of December 2014 was a fanfare attended by the chic naturals of Jozi. The hors devours, drinks, music and fashion were the backdrop and the natural hair was on the centre stage. This new salon is an extension of the Urban Zulu brand and it plans on catering to all the naturals of Jozi and if the creativity displayed on the night of the launch is any indication, then the world of naturals is about to get a whole lot exciting.

pic 2A

pic 2B

The hairstylist at Urban Zulu Natural Beauty will be strictly focusing on ethnic hair to treat and style using proudly South African products such as Nubian Nature, Earth Hair, AfroAmour and Urban Zulu, so they will be using products with a low carbon footprint that have benefited Mzansi economically in their creation. The products on offer can be seen displayed on wall-mounted shelves among wooden framed handheld mirrors, and black and white pictures.

pic 3A

pic 3

pic 3B

Hair, nails, wax, facials and massages are done under one roof with the Urban Zulu designer clothing store right next door. It is a beneficial marriage of beauty and fashion that will be immensely appreciated by lovers of everything ethnic that are strapped for time, but high on style.

pic 4

Phindi, the lady in the above picture is the salon manager and you can check out their Facebook page, Urban Zulu Natural Beauty, for further details on how you can make use of their services.

Urban Zulu Natural Beauty Salon details:

137 Cnr Fox & Kruis

Johannesburg CBD

Tel: 011 047 3235

About the contributor

I am an easy-going extrovert who’s obsessed with all things makeup, hair and beauty. A former face of Placecol Skin Care Clinic, a blog contributor and a Foschini Ambassador. Also, a recovering shopaholic and a student of life. I take every day as an opportunity to learn, grow and be better than I was yesterday.


Facebook: Ncomeka Mpofu
Twitter & Instagram: @Meka_Owethu


Natural Skincare

For as long as I can remember clear, smooth and soft skin has always been my number one beauty wish. I longed for perfect skin; ever since the first pimple made its unwelcome appearance on my face, and I have always felt that if my skin was clear, smooth and soft, I would not need any makeup.

I have tried plenty of skincare products and have never really had the patience to allow enough time to see the results. If a product did not do any magic on my face, I would move on to the next product. Then one day I had a realization: if I could take care of my hair the way I have been doing recently, why could I not do the same for my skin? Questions started popping up in my head, like “If mineral oil is not good for my hair, why would it be good for my skin?” and “If water is my hair’s best friend, surely, it is also my skin’s best friend?” (Honestly though, I had always known about this fact, but it’s not always been easy to implement). Good hair principles translated into good skin principles. The benefits of natural, organic products on your hair will also be appreciated by your skin.

So, where to begin?

Rome wasn’t built in a day; and I also could not switch to natural and organic skincare and beauty overnight. I started with a few products that I made myself with ingredients I already had in my kitchen.

Honey and Baking Soda Face scrub

  • ½ tsp. Honey
  • Âź tsp. Baking soda (optional)


How to use: use this 2-3 times a week instead of your regular face cleanser, after taking off your makeup. Use it as a face mask by leaving it on your face for fifteen minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Benefits: Honey has moisturising and anti-bacterial features and baking soda acts as a gentle skin exfoliator.

Green Tea and ACV Toner

  • 100 ml Steep green tea
  • 100 ml Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • Few drops of tea tree oil
  • Small spray bottle
  • Mix all the ingredients in the bottle and shake before use.


How to use: spray the mixture onto a cotton ball and swipe across the face after cleansing. Be careful not to get any into your eyes because the ACV stings. (Pssst…this recipe can also be used as a hair rinse)

Benefits: ACV normalises the pH level of the skin; green tea is anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin; while tea tree oil has healing qualities.

I have used these products for over a month and can testify to the positive effects they’ve had on my skin. (Disclaimer: Different products will have different effect on different people.) I use honey as a face wash every day. I used to think that my skin type was “very dry” and now I know that I was using face soaps/washes that stripped my skin of it natural oils and left it very dry. I struggle(d) to find natural skincare products, that were gentle on my skin, in Mzansi, so this cleanser and toner were a great start for me.

Has the natural hair bug also crept into your skincare routine?

About the Contributor

I am a happily married mother of 3, a Marketing Management student and Training Coordinator for one of the big banks. I am patiently growing out my natural hair and love simple, easy-to-find, natural skincare and beauty products. I am lover of all movies by Woody Allen and Quentin Tarentino, and I am also a TV series addict (thank God for channel 102!) who aspires to a more active and healthier lifestyle. I am bookworm in waiting, a novice foodie and my own work in progress.


Facebook: Mpumie Ngobese
Instagram: mpumie_n

Unravelling The Wrap

The head wrap has been around for ages, but is it only recently that it seems to spark a new flame?

After Mrs Carter (Beyonce) rocked her turban inspired head gear a long while ago, it seems that head wraps have become the new kid on the block.

You will feel like a kid in a candy store as you experiment with wraps of different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. Head wraps are mostly seen as a fashion statement but that is not their only prized quality; they are practical too. When faced with a bad hair day situation wraps are your best friend.

Let’s unravel an array of different head wraps…

956b7a54ce434fd63c09c426d5440ac1 bandana-scarf-4 images (2)



About the author:

nosi picI’m Nosipho Ngcobo from Durban, KZN.  Having had unhealthy hair for quite some time, thick, long and healthy tresses were only but a dream. Hence I took it upon myself to attain that dream (trial and error included). Call it borderline hair obsession or determination; whatever it is, it evoked a burning urge of true understanding.

SA celebrities chop it (all) off!!