Aug 012013
Tlhodi's favorites: Black Opal Make-Up!!

This post is long overdue really. I drafted it a week after I made the purchase and check where we are now… I had heard of Black Opal  from a friend a couple of times as she always sang praises of it (how amazing it looks on ethnic skin and most importantly, to cheapskates like myself how kind its price is towards [...]

May 082013
We're in The Winter Edition Of Glamour Hair Magazine!

Woop! Woop! We are sooo excited to be featured in the Winter issue of Glamour Hair magazine! We’ve known about the feature for a while now but we’ve been waiting (patiently) for about 2 months to see the final product. And now it’s finally on the shelves and we absolutely love it! It was also great to be featured side-by-side [...]

Apr 252013
Can't Wait To Rock My Beanie!

Winter is knocking on our door (and a very loud knock at that!). I think we’ve all been feeling the winter chill lately and it’s time again to bring out that winter gear from last year. I’m not a huge fan of winter because of the icy cold weather but I must say I am fan of winter gear — [...]

Apr 192013
Breaking Down Black Hair Types

I was surfing the net recently and came across a feature an article, titled Decode Your Coils: A Simple Guide to Curly Hair Types by Nicole Marie Melton. I’m sure there’s thousands of articles out there on hairtyping but what I loved about this one in particular is that Nicole focused specifically on black hairtyping, and left out all those [...]

Apr 182013
Mothers' Day Photos

“I still don’t know how she did it. She always protected us—she would never let us know when we had problems, even financially. I still got to go and get a perm every four weeks.” – Rihanna, singer “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother [...]

Apr 032013
True Love Magazine Beauty Editor: Thami Kwazi (Part ll)

Thami on hair care and products.   Please dish out on some hair tips that contribute towards healthy natural hair that grows. My first tip is – Leave your hairline alone. Deep condition, don’t be scared to spend time or money on your SCALP. That’s where the change begins. When you first go natural, work with whatever texture you discover. [...]

Mar 202013
A Few Ideas For You Corporate & Business Girls!

Here’s a few outfits I found online, liked and thought I should share with you guys. Very chic I’ll say: Leather, leather, leather, isn’t funny in a stylish girl’s world!! Like who would’ve though…leather pants, white shirt…in one sentence…very nice. LOVE the colour combo…and the accessories *off to the shops*!

Dec 072012
Event review: Shop & Mingle Fashion Extravaganza

About two weeks back we received an invite from P&H Boutique  to a “Shop & Mingle” event which was to be held at La Passant in Sandton on 5 December (the event was a joint venture between P&H Boutique and Ruutos Hair)… We were quite intrigued to check it out and see what it’s all about – its not everyday that [...]

Jun 262012

So I just realized that most of you guys have been hit by the winter season a while ago already, which is not the case on my side of the world where its been relatively warm until just a few days ago, thanks to this global warming person. And talking about winter… Winter and I have what I like to call a [...]


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