My Fave July Magazine Covers (and Naturals Represent)!

When I am not reading a book, then most of the time you will find me reading a magazine; especially if I want something quick to read. I have always loved magazines and I must say what attracts me the most to a magazine is definitely the cover — who is on the cover and also how well the layout has been done.

For July, 2 of my favourite local magazines have really nailed it on the head! Both covers are so fresh and inviting; plus, I love the fact that the ladies on the cover are natural (go #teamnatural :-) ).


How gorgeous is this cover?! And Bonnie is looking so HOT! She truly is a definition of a yummy mummy :-) I also love how fresh and clean the cover is, not too cluttered or all over the place. Well done to the True Love team for this beautiful cover. I will definitely be buying a copy!


This is another magazine cover I am loving this month! It screams “Buy me!”. I don’t know much about Scandal! actress, Masasa Mbangeni but I think she really looks so beautiful on this cover. Her makeup has been done very well and that TWA is F.I.E.R.C.E! Bona mag has really upped their cover stakes lately.

The following magazines are not exactly #teamnatural and they do not have local stars on the cover but I had to mention them because I think they are great covers and have been done well.


This is such a fun and simple cover but everything works so well. I love the fresh, simple make-up and also the playful look on Rihanna’s face.  The red dots also makes the cover look interesting and fun. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would definitely buy it.


This last one is from one my ol’ time fave magazines, Essence. For July they featured the black ladies of Orange Is The New Black series. The ladies look gorgeous — in all their different shades of brown & different hairstyles! Black is really beautiful.

Which other covers caught your eye or which of the above do you love?

Review | The Noir Beauty Box – May 2015

So I finally purchased my first Noir Beauty Box from MzansiFro – yippy!! :-)

When I heard MzansiFro will be releasing a Noir Beauty Box which is specifically tailored for us black girls, I was thrilled! This meant hair products that work well for our hair and also make-up products that suit our skin tones. (I don’t know about you, but it is really not easy to find a foundation that is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I usually have to purchase two shades and mix them to get the right one :-( ).

The Noir Beauty Box is a monthly subscription service that you can register for at the MzansiFro website. Once you are registered they send you an email each month notifying you of all the products that will be available in the box for that month. Then it is up to you whether you would like to purchase that box for that month or not. The Noir Beauty Box retails for R230, plus R50 for delivery. The contents of the box change each month and they consist of hair & beauty related products.

So moving on to what I received in mine this month…


Let’s take a closer look…

1. Natural Moisture Twist & Shine Hair Butter (sample size)


I am looking forward to using this Twist and shine butter for twisting my locs. I am not a fan of beeswax, so I usually prefer to use products that work well for twisting two-strand twists. These type of products normally give me a great hold without causing too much build up on my locs.  Another great plus is that all the ingredients used are all natural.

2. Matsimela Marula Nut Lip Butter (Full size)


By far one of my favourite products in the box! It smells ah-mazing and it moistures my lips soo well. My lips tend to get very dry, and even more so on in winter, so this is the perfect lip butter for my lips.

3. Jamaican Mango & Lime’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Full size)


I’ve never used this product before so I am really looking forward to trying it out; especially for my scalp (my scalp has become very dry lately). I have heard nothing but good reviews on the Black Castor Oil so I hope it will become a staple for me.

4. Yivani Mhlonyane Body butter (Full size)


I love how thick and creamy this body butter is and how it does a great job in nourishing my thirsty skin. However, I must say, the scent is a bit too harsh for me. It has a very strong herb-ally scent to it and I am someone who prefers floral and fruity smells when it comes to body products. If you are someone who doesn’t mind a strong herbally/earthy smell to their body butter, then I would definitely recommend this one for dry skin.

5. Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-in Conditioner (full size)


I tend to stay away from leave-in conditioners because I find that if I use too much conditioner on my locs it ultimately causes product build-up and it can be a pain to remove it! However, I will give this one a try and see how it works for me. It is quite creamy and smells devine, so that is already a plus for me.

I am quite happy so far with my purchase of The Noir Beauty Box and I am looking forward to purchasing more beauty boxes in the future!

Visit: to purchase yours.

Healthy Lifestyle | The Big Deal About Real…Beauty!

The following post is by the lovely Charlotte Jean Steenekamp of Better4Life. I met Charlotte at the first Jhb Natural Hair Meetup in March and I loved the talk she gave on learning to love ourselves and the importance of inner beauty.  Charlotte was kind enough to share more of her knowledge with us and I hope you will find her post as informative as I did.


Women have an innate need to feel beautiful. In general, we spend more time on our appearance than mucking out barns or building fences. Yes, we can also do those other things. And we do: broken plumbing, household DIY, car repairs – all the standard non-beautifying tasks. However, there is not one honest woman I have met who does not care about her beauty. When I meet with women to address their health, it always boils down to what they look like: their weight, skin quality and ultimately the assessment of their appearance in their own eyes.

This brings us to the next question: “What is real beauty?”

Real Beauty vs. Veneer Beauty

Real beauty is what can be defined as nature without artificial layers. It is our natural exterior minus the additions – what we could call “Veneer” beauty. Real physiological beauty is a direct reflection of our internal environment – our cellular level, which is affected by our environment, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Real beauty is the sum total of our holistic health.

The Skin – Teller of True Stories

The skin, hair, eyes and mucous membranes are the most truthful storytellers of the body. Our skin, which includes our scalp, is the largest organ of the body. It acts as the last safety exit mechanism for toxin and impurity release. Therefore, what we see on our skin, when we are using products that allow our skin to release waste products, is a clear indication of what is taking place in our bodies.

Your skin story is about your overall health: is it optimal, just making the grade or sub-optimal? Whether you have a happy or unhappy ending to your skin story is affected by specific variables. Ultimately, it is these variables that affect the quality of your life.


Skin Food Variables: Input = Output

Food for the skin comes primarily from Collagen, Elastin, Antioxidant Micronutrients, Natural Oils and Botanicals. These compounds are found in the highest levels and most bioavailable form (the proportion of a substance entering the body that has an active effect) within Biogenic Food. Biogenic food is produced or brought about by living organisms and is food in its most natural, unprocessed state. Think of a tomato, red on the vine – the most biogenic state. Think of tomato sauce reheated and recooked – one of the least biogenic states. The more biogenic food you eat, the greater your input of collagen, elastin, antioxidants and micronutrients will be.

Antioxidant Micronutrients specifically beneficial for the skin include: Vitamin E (tocopherols), Vitamin A (beta-carotene – responsible for the pleasing colour of radiant skin), Coenzyme q10, Vitamin C, Di-methyl-amino-ethanol (DMAE). All are available in supplemental form, but these compounds are the most accessible and bioavailable in raw vegetables, lentils, pulses, sprouts, fruit and healthy animal products (e.g. white fish, eggs, free range red meat).

Natural Oils that have been used for centuries by the wise and wealthy to preserve skin and body health include, but are not limited to: Evening Primrose Oil, Wheatgerm Oil (Triticum aestivum), Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Avocado Oil, Palm Kernel and Grapeseed oil.

Natural botanicals (herbs, flowers, fruits and seed oleates) provide the most healing and adaptogenic form of cleansing, rehabilitative and health maintenance tools for the body. Examples of botanical extracts include Bearberry, Grapefruit seed, Arnica, Acerola, Barley, Gingko biloba, Horse chestnut, Lumiskin, Apricot seed, Avocado and Marjoram.


Real Beauty is All-Encompassing
When a woman is healthy, she is truly beautiful. Her skin doesn’t need make-up, but she can choose whether to use it or not. When a woman is healthy, she moves regularly, raising her heart rate moderately most days of the week for an extended, but not an excessive time (e.g. 40 minutes versus 2 hours). Her sleep is deep, sufficient (7-8 hours) and regular. Food is medicine and she enjoys her odd slice of cake or chocolate with friends and with love and joy in her heart. She doesn’t eat in the dark unless it is a romantic moment! Stress is a part of her life, but she releases it frequently through the activities that help her to breathe, rest and reflect. Her relationships are healthy: they are good for her soul, and she feels a greater sense of purpose in her work than duty or paying the bills. This woman drinks more water than coffee and likes to taste her food – extra sugar and salt are not necessary. She is a normal lady, just like you and me. But she tells herself that she is beautiful, especially on the days that the mirror disagrees.

This woman is a sister, mother, friend or… you! And she invites us to join her.

About the author

Practising as a nutritional therapist, natural skincare and superfoods developer and health educator at Better4Life and Africa Grace, Charlotte Jean believes that all of us can be truly healthy. “There are real ways for us to care for our world and care for our beings. They are simple and available to everyone. This is a picture of Grace for us.“

Her Motto: True health is for us all.

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#AfricaDayNaturals | Celebrating Africa Freedom Day with ZedHair

Today (25 May) is Africa Freedom Day and I am joining Mwanabibi of ZedHair and other naturals from all over the Africa continent in celebrating this day; and most importantly celebrating being African!

When Mwanabibi asked if I would be interested in repping my country and joining her and other African natural hair bloggers in the #AfricaDayNaturals initiative, it was a definite yes from me! What better way than to come together as naturals from all over Africa and just speak positively about our beautiful continent.

So today it will be all about spreading positive images and messages about Africa and you can join us by doing the following:

  • Post a photo of yourself on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) using the hashtag #AfricaDayNaturals
  • Tell us what country you are from
  • Complete the following sentence “I love being African because….”

Here is an example of my image and why I love being African…


I love being African because we have such rich and vibrant cultures; from our traditional attires to our yummy food; there is so much variety! I also love being African because of our spirit of Ubuntu: “I am because we are”.

Here are some of the other natural hair bloggers/vloggers who are also repping their countries:


Naomi  (KinksnTwists/Zambia)
“I love being african because: My black is flawless. It sings with a rhythmic melody of beauty.
My black is loud. My Black is gold. My kinky hair roars with elegance, it defines my beauty.”


Tabitha (Craving Yellow/Kenya)
“I love being African because we are a continent full of laughter and sunshine and hope! “


Carice (
“I like being African because of the richness of our stories.I like being African because we are survivors and thrivers across the world.  I like being African because of the diversity of us from our skin colour to our hair texture to our languages and cultures.”


Akos (Afrokanomics/Ghana,Zambia,Bots)
“I love being African because –  too many reasons to note. I’m just so happy and honoured to get to call this continent home.”

For more information about this wonderful initiative and to see the original post from ZedHair click here.

ZedHair will also be sharing images of other naturals repping their country throughout the day, so follow them on their blog or Facebook for updates:

Woman Behind The Brand: Ruth Mafupa of Natural Moisture

Another great entrepreneur who is making her mark in the South African hair care industry, is none other than, Ruth Mafupa, the lady behind Natural Moisture and Natural Sisters hair blog! She is such a humble and genuine person; and has loads of knowledge when it comes to hair care and how to grow healthy natural hair. Check out her blog for great hair tips and product reviews!


Origins & current location?

I’m African. Swaziland descent, born in Malawi, grew up in Zimbabwe and now I am permanently residing is South Africa.

What are you currently up to?

I am now working full time in my business Natural Moisture (Pty) Ltd since September 2014. I also blog on Natural Sisters and offer one-on-one consultations on how to grow natural hair the right way.

Why did you decide to go natural? Briefly take us through your natural hair journey.

It is a combination of things. Since I came to South Africa which is 7 years ago, my hair just started breaking off and I had to keep it in protective styles all the time to keep it from breaking. So I would relax my hair and then have it put in braids or something. Then I realised, if I am in protective styles all the time, I may as well just stop relaxing my hair and wear my hair in protective styles. I did not like how straight and flat my hair looked soon after a relaxer as well. It just felt so wrong. My natural hair always looked fuller and healthier. I also had been a yoyo naturalista for so long and always going back to the relaxer when the going got tough. However, with information from blogs, I had somewhere to go for ideas and inspiration when the going got tough. So blogs helped me a lot to stick with it no matter how tough it would get and also to know the harm that I was inflicting to my scalp. Going natural was the only thing to do and I just promised myself that this time I was going to commit to my natural hair journey for 10 years minimum and now there is no going back.

Brushed 4 1


What is your hair care regimen?

It is simple and straight forward. I shampoo my hair twice a month and co-wash weekly. I always pre-poo, then followed by washing, conditioning, sealing and styling. I try and be in protective styles most of the time, either short term or long term. I rarely wear my hair down. I do not use heat to style my hair so air drying while my hair is stretching is my thing. I sometimes use gel to style but on very rare occasions. Twist outs and braid outs is how my hair is normally. I re-moisturise my hair at night before bed by adding water then sealing with Shea butter and Olive oil. In the morning, I just style hair with no products.

What hairstyle(s) do you like to rock?

Updo’s and mini twists. I may have hair extensions here and there but I love working with my own hair as much as I can.

Tell us briefly about the story behind the Natural Moisture hair care brand. What inspired the idea and where did it all start?

I had been looking for Shea butter for so long and when I found it, I made a lot of noise on Natural Sisters that I had Shea butter. So friends started asking for some and besides giving them some, I said I would buy theirs as well when I go and buy the next time. But most said I would have to mix it for them and this kind of inspired me to charge them for it. So I bought 1kg of raw Shea butter and whipped it with oils and essential oils and made about 16 jars of whipped Shea butter which sold out quite fast. The customers were mainly my friends then. What pushed me to just do it though was my southern African readers who kept asking me how they too can get Shea butter and that is when I decided to register a company and look for dependable suppliers so I could supply southern Africa with my mix of Shea butter. I was not working at that time so that gave me a chance to really start setting up the business.

Do you have another 9-5 job besides Natural Moisture? Do you have a family? How do you manage to juggle everything and still keep the balance?

I used to have a full time job until August 2014 but now I work full time for Natural Moisture. I do have family though and it is still a challenge to really fit everything together. I have learnt strong time management skills to put time aside for everything including exercise. Before I left my job, I was studying with UNISA, had a business to manage, a blog to run, 3 sons and a husband and not forgetting to run a home. This was a bit too much for me so I decided to quit my job and concentrate on the business. I also finished my studies with UNISA and I am breathing a little more at ease this year.

Are there any other projects you are currently working on?

My passion right now is to grow Natural Moisture as a brand and offer more comprehensive products that make managing natural hair much easier than before. So continuous research and development and establishing Natural Moisture as a market leader in the Natural Hair space is my goal.

What tips/advice can you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Identify a problem and your business should be a solution to that particular problem. Know your ideal client and let them know you have a solution to their problem. The best thing you can do is to start. Everything will fall into place along the way. Write your ideas down and start making concrete plans about your business. Go for it. The world needs the value you only can add.

If you could advice your 20 year old self about ‘life’ what would you say to her?

Study all you can while you are still young. When you get older and have kids, it will be much more difficult to study. Pursue your dreams and work hard to reach your goal. Only you have that set of talents entwined in your character. Worry less and enjoy life more because your footsteps have been ordained by the Lord and He has all things under control.


Where can the FroChic readers get a hold of the Natural Moisture hair care products?

Natural moisture website:

Natural Sisters blog:

Twitter: @natmoisture


P.S. Use discount code “frochic” when purchasing your Natural Moisture products to get 5% discount on your purchases!

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