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Origins & current location?
Born and raised in Cape Town.

What are you currently up to?
Working full-time as an administrator for a property valuations and consultancy company.

Why did you decide to go natural?
I had this long hair that was “thick” and too much to handle (according to my Mom). She started to use straightener on my hair with a hope that it would make my hair more manageable. I’m sure she didn’t realise that I merely had a lot of hair on my hair and not “thick” as she thought. When the craze of using relaxer to make your hair straight and silky started, my Mom started using it on my hair.

When I grew older and started to take care of my hair myself, I kept on thinking of how long and curly my hair was when I was about 5 years old. After many years of cutting, relaxing and blow drying my hair weekly, I got tired of all the relaxing and blowing my hair. At one point my hair felt like straw at the ends and I started to ask myself….”what if I could just start over?” When I finally mentioned to my husband that I would like to shave my hair off completely to start over so that my ‘original’ hair can grow, he laughed and said that I’m being silly. After months of telling friends of my intentions, I finally got the courage and had my sister cut everything and my husband used the clippers to finish the job. (Huge shock to everyone the next day).

Briefly take us through your natural hair journey.
I dived straight into the BIG CHOP on 1 September 2010. I have been natural ever since and loved every step of the way. I have recently cut my hair very short, just wanting to do something new.

What do you love/dislike about your hair?

I love the fact that I can get away with a wash-n-go when I need to. I love that it grows so quick. What I hate most is the fact that my hair soaks up moisture real quick and I have to constantly moisturise it. Another thing is, out of the few times I do a blow out, my hair frizzes up within minutes. Very frustrating.

What are some of the challenges and advantages you’ve experienced?
As I’ve mentioned before, it grows quick. After only one week, one can see a difference.
One of the challenges is getting hold of products that actually works. It’s a nightmare.

What is your hair care regimen?
I wash my hair about 2 times per week. I use shampoo 2 times per month, usually sulphate-free shampoo like Clicks Detangling shampoo. The rest of the times I use conditioner – TRESemme Naturals. To be honest…I fail to be consistent with deep conditioning but when I do, I add olive oil or coconut oil to any thick conditioner, heat it up a few seconds in the microwave and apply to freshly washed hair. I do the LOC method once every 2 months using leave in conditioner like Glyco Lemon brand, coconut oil mixed with olive oil and Akiva Moisture whip (a product a friend of mine makes with shea butter and oils).

I have also recently started to wash my hair with bicarbonate of soda…it feels really good.

What results do you expect from a hair product when you purchase it?
I love products that moisturise my hair and not weigh it down. Or ones that don’t make me look like someone spilled a bottle of oil over my hair. Products should give definition to my curls.

Is it a struggle finding products that work for your hair type or are you happy with the ones you’re currently using?
Omg…don’t let me get started. I spend a lot of time researching about what my hair needs and reading blogs about natural hair and reading about all the different kinds of products that caters for natural hair overseas; its so frustrating. As you can see, I stick to the basics…olive oil and coconut oil. Works for me, for now.

april 2013 2

april 2013

Are you planning on locking in the future?

Which type of natural hairstyle(s) do you like to rock?
I love my wash and go but I do try out lots of hairstyles.

Do you have a favourite hair salon?
I never go to a salon…they simply don’t and won’t understand my hair.

Any hair care tips you’d like to share with our readers?
Moisturise and protect. Drink water….

Where can the FroChic readers get hold of you?
I’m on Instagram and Twitter: @newly_natural_j
I am a pinner…just search for Juwayra Januarie.

Event Alert | Miss Cameroon South Africa 2015

A few weeks back I was contacted by the organiser of the first ever Miss Cameroon South Africa pageant and she asked if I could spread the word on this upcoming event. First of all, I am a fan of beauty pageants; and secondly, if there is anything that showcases our beautiful African continent and people in a positive way, then I am all for it!

So, the first ever Miss Cameroon South Africa will be held at the Market Theatre in Newtown, Johannesburg during Women’s Month on Saturday the 8th of August 2015. The grand finale will be produced and directed by world renowned show producer Mr Jan Malan of Umzingeli Productions. The pageant is inspired by the strength and potential embodied by the women of Cameroon. Mckevin Ayaba Dormithienne and Vanessa Mbenoun in association with COMICA (Miss Cameroon Organisational Committee) have chosen to invest in the future of the continent’s ambassadors by offering a platform to the vibrant Cameroonian women living in South Africa.

Candidates will be evaluated in five categories (native Cameroonian wear, swimsuit, talent, evening gown and interview) and the judges’ decision will be based on criteria such as leadership skills, physical fitness and the level of dedication to community service.

The beautiful contestants
The beautiful contestants

MCASA is a production that not only entertains but also educates on heritage, diversity and tourism. Entertainment on that evening include performances from musicians such as Buffalo Souljah, Della Tamin, Kimaany, Babalwa, TK ,Wax Dey and more. The event’s masters of ceremony are former Good Morning Africa presenter Precious Nkandu and Award winning Cameroonian MC Petit Libota.

Tickets’ prices range from R250 for single to R400 for couples and VIP tickets are R500 (single) and R800 (couple).

For more on ticket sales and any other information about the Miss Cameroon SA finale, please visit or like the Facebook/MissCSouthAfrica page.

Please go out and support if you can.

Not With My ‘Fro….He Said!

Fosci Natural Hair Art

Well, this has probably happened to either you or a few among us, when your skull gets knocked out to either choose embracing your marvelous coily/kinky curls or to stand out as an obedient wife/girlfriend/fiancée.

I used to think men appreciate it when a woman is wearing her natural look, but I had to think again after a “WatsApp “ chat I had with a friend. I want to think she has a man who wants to compare what his girlfriend has to what his female friends have. One of the reasons is when he told her “Not with your afro again; that looks shabby for this event, all my friends have their girls in their Peruvian and Brazilian hair”. Don’t you think that sounds selfish? Especially for us natural sisters. Not just with the fact that as a woman you make your own choice but with the fact that your ’FRO’ is judged as being shabby for certain events.

One thing men don’t understand is ‘our hair gives us confidence’. Do you agree? A good hair day does magic to your whole system, I mean the smile, the confidence and how you will want people to notice your crown. It’s just a shame some men still think they need to control how their partners have to look.

That even reminded me of my other friend who was judged and almost denied by her in laws only because she had dreadlocks. Seriously, can’t people just get to India Aries’s quote…..”I am the soul that lives within’……..I am not my hair!”


Anyway, what do you think ladies; should a man hinder you from wearing your ‘FRO’ proudly?

About the author


I’m Olivia Catherine. Owner of the lifestyle blog “
Life is an Art that I live in. Tanzania is my safe place to call home, and I dream to travel Africa.
I’m 2 years fully natural and If I am not in any other forms of arts including writing, photography, etc. then be sure I am practicing another Art in my kitchen…I am a foodie just like that :-)

Instagram: @kayi_ni_afrika
Fb Page: Kay’i Ni Afrika


Event Alert |#DurbanNaturalHairMeetUp!

Yip, FroChic is going to Durbannnnnn!! :-)

The lovely Ruth Mafupa of Natural Sisters blog is the brains behind this natural hair meet up and she roped in a few fellow bloggers who I admire; and I am also looking forward to hearing them talk about all things natural hair!

Of course, yours truly will also be talking about all things locks – how to start them and how to maintain them – among other things. I am really excited and honoured to be part of this group of speakers.

So what are you waiting for?…Get you tickets before they get sold out and come join us for a fun filled afternoon! :-)

See posters below for more details

Poster 1

Speakers poster

Tickets are available on Quicket:

My Fave July Magazine Covers (and Naturals Represent)!

When I am not reading a book, then most of the time you will find me reading a magazine; especially if I want something quick to read. I have always loved magazines and I must say what attracts me the most to a magazine is definitely the cover — who is on the cover and also how well the layout has been done.

For July, 2 of my favourite local magazines have really nailed it on the head! Both covers are so fresh and inviting; plus, I love the fact that the ladies on the cover are natural (go #teamnatural :-) ).


How gorgeous is this cover?! And Bonnie is looking so HOT! She truly is a definition of a yummy mummy :-) I also love how fresh and clean the cover is, not too cluttered or all over the place. Well done to the True Love team for this beautiful cover. I will definitely be buying a copy!


This is another magazine cover I am loving this month! It screams “Buy me!”. I don’t know much about Scandal! actress, Masasa Mbangeni but I think she really looks so beautiful on this cover. Her makeup has been done very well and that TWA is F.I.E.R.C.E! Bona mag has really upped their cover stakes lately.

The following magazines are not exactly #teamnatural and they do not have local stars on the cover but I had to mention them because I think they are great covers and have been done well.


This is such a fun and simple cover but everything works so well. I love the fresh, simple make-up and also the playful look on Rihanna’s face.  The red dots also makes the cover look interesting and fun. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would definitely buy it.


This last one is from one my ol’ time fave magazines, Essence. For July they featured the black ladies of Orange Is The New Black series. The ladies look gorgeous — in all their different shades of brown & different hairstyles! Black is really beautiful.

Which other covers caught your eye or which of the above do you love?