Loc Tutorial | Flexirod curls on locs (Video)

I have another video up on my YouTube channel and this time I show you how I achieve my spiral curls using flexirods.


I bought my flexirods from Clicks, but you can also find them at Dischem. I used about 16 of them for my entire head and I wrapped 4 locs around each flexirod. You can use more or less locs depending how many locs you have and if you want looser or tighter curls.

One important thing to remember is to please wrap the flexirods on damp hair and not on soaking wet hair…if your hair is soaking wet it will take much longer to dry. I left my flexirods in for the rest of the afternoon and overnight to allow them to airdry. It is a bit uncomfortable to sleep with them on, but you will survive 🙂

Also make sure that your locs are thoroughly dry before you remove the flexirods or else the curls will just fall and not hold.

These curls will get looser with each day but they should last you for about a week or 10 days.

Click below for the full tutorial:

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WIN an Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

Attention all makeup lovers! I have some exciting news… 🙂

rubybox is running a competition where you could stand a chance to win the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – woop!!


All you need to do to win this palette is click the link below for competition details:


It’s that easy.

Good luck!

Loc tutorial | How I retwist my locs (Video)

So I retwisted my locs over the weekend after 3 weeks of not retwisting. Initially I was hoping to go for about a month without retwisting but after my wash day this weekend I decided it was time….plus I wanted to record a video on how I retwist my locs at home.

So, yes, I have joined the YouTube world 🙂 My first video tutorial  is now live on my YouTube should you want to check it out. The actual retwisting happens after 5min into the video…lol. I’m still a newbie so hopefully in future my videos will be shorter and less chatty 🙂

I still plan to blog mostly, but I think a hair tutorial is easier to demonstrate visually. I am not sure how often I will vlog but I will try vlog as often as I can. I will also add in a beauty video every now and then if possible.

Here is my loc retwist method. Enjoy!

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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy & Moisturised This Winter

Winter is officially here! You know its winter when you start seeing everyone around you wearing their boots and coats almost every day!

Winter may not be a favourite season for most people (including me) but there are a few good things to look forward to; such as dressing up warm and looking cute while doing so. Hot chocolate, warm soups and hearty stews are also some of the great things to look forward to in winter. However, when it comes to our hair a lot of us get frustrated on what extra measures we can take to protect our hair strands from the harsh winter air and I have a few tips for you:


In winter our hair tends to get a lot drier, especially the ends of our hair, and it’s more prone to breakage because the dry winter air tends to make it brittle. In order to keep your hair healthy and happy I recommend protecting your hair through protective styling. There are many options when it comes to protective styling – you can either plait your natural hair, wear braids or even wear a wig – the possibilities are endless. Plaiting your hair and braiding it can help to keep your hair strands protected for most of the winter time. A wig on the other hand gives you that flexibility of switching up your look whenever you want to, especially if you are someone who gets bored easily with rocking the same look for long periods of time.


O’Natural Wigs


If protective styling is not for you then you could always wear headwraps, beenies or woolly accessories. You can still wear your hair out but just keep it safely tucked away under a colourful headwrap or beanie. That means you are not stuck with one look and you can always switch up the type of headwraps you use each day.


Pic: Woolworths


Keeping your hair moisturised is key.  While your hair is safely tucked away you need to make sure it is kept moisturised to prevent it from getting even more dry. You can use your usual hair regimen but up your use of conditioner and moisturises. Natural oils are also great in keeping your scalp moisturised. You can use naturals oil such as olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil or even a nice blend of a number of oils of your choosing. I use the Afrobotanic’s Real Black Pearl African Oil Blend and African Black Castor Oil and they both work really well. Hot oil treatments and deep conditioning are also vital in the winter time.

African black castor oil1


Lastly, but not least, drink more water. I know a lot us tend to decrease our water intake in the winter time because it’s so cold. You can always drink your water at room temperature or even up your intake of your favourite herbal tea like green tea, chamomile tea etc.

Pic: Pinterest

What do you plan to do this winter to keep your hair healthy?

FroChic Natural: Natural Dilemma

Origins & current location?

My home is in Dimbaza, Eastern Cape; although I grew up in a township called Zwelitsha just outside King William’s Town. I am currently in Pretoria.

What are you currently up to?

I have a non-paying job as a “home executive”, a paying job at a research organisation, a Master’s candidate for Inclusive Innovation studies and a natural hair blogger.

Why did you decide to go natural? Briefly take us through your natural hair journey.

I’ve had a couple of stints where I would cut my hair really short (chiskop, twice) and let it grow naturally and then at some point I would think “Hay, No! I’m done. I’m getting a relaxer TOMORROW!!!”. I was never against chemical treatments of any sort; however the last time I bleached my hair was a disaster. Whilst I was toying around with starting from scratch again, a friend introduced me to a world I didn’t know existed, the YouTube vloggers and bloggers. Needless to say, my cellphone bill went up like crazy. Anyway, I was quite inspired by the movement and still am. I transitioned for about 6 months before I went for the big chop in October 2012.

What are some of the challenges and advantages you’ve experienced with having natural hair?

The biggest challenge was adapting to the “new way” of things, changing my attitude towards MY hair. For instance, I always believed you have to comb your hair to look neat with a proper comb. Now I finger-comb but make sure I detangle properly on wash days. It was also about accepting that my hair is not like the next person’s, therefore I will not get a perfect wash & go and it’s OK.

I love how versatile our fros are. One day I look like I’ve got a TWA because of shrinkage, the next day I have a big high puff or bun. I blow dry sometimes and flat ironed once.

What is your hair care regimen?

I deep conditioning every 2 weeks; cowash once a week if I’m feeling frisky; moisturise daily; prep my hair before going to bed (4 braided sections); and sleep with a satin scarf on. I’m a lazy naturalista but I try my best to stick to this.

My favourite products are Tresemme Naturals Conditioner (too bad it’s discontinued! I’m still searching for a replacement), Earthy range (http://earthy.co.za/ , Nubian Nature’s Carrot Hydrating Custard for styling (http://www.nubiannature.co.za/ , EcoStyler for that bomb twistout and braidout , Native Child’s deep conditioner and castor oil (http://www.nativechild.co/ ), and Afrobotanics range (http://www.afro-botanics.com/ )


 What results do you expect from a hair product when you purchase it?

I’m a product junkie so I try new products often, and sometimes I buy them and they sit in my shelf for months before I do anything with them. My hair is not too fussy with products but I usually give it 3 tries before deciding if it’s for me or not, tweaking how I use it here and there. For a conditioner I definitely go for the slip because I want something that will make my detangling process easier and faster.

Is it a struggle finding products that work for your natural hair or are you happy with the ones you’re currently using?

I have my staples and I’m always keen to try out new products. I must say I’m happy to see the growing market in South Africa and will support them as much as I can. It sucks though when you hear great reviews about a product over and over again and it’s not easily accessible.

Are you planning on growing locs in the future?

No but if I ever did I would most probably go for thick ones.

Do you have a favourite hair salon?

I’ve only been to 2 since being natural (Lajawi in Brooklyn and Thabs Hair Art in Menlyn) and I had good experiences at both places. I still prefer to do my normal maintenance at home and go to a salon when I want something specific.

 What type of hairstyles do you like to rock?

My go-to is a high bun or puff. I do anything I can with my limited skills but I do love my braid out.



Any hair care tips you’d like to share with the FroChic readers?

  • Products won’t solve all your problems.
  • Use a good conditioner.
  • Be consistent.
  • Don’t use heat often and flat iron on low heat.
  • Be patient. It’s trial and error.

What’s your (fashion) style generally?

Ha! Comfortable (translation: plain and boring)

Where can the FroChic readers get hold of you?

You can find my blog on www.naturaldilemma.wordpress.com

Instagram: @naturaldilemma

Twitter: @naturaldilemma

Facebook: Natural Dilemma