Aug 142014
The Bug called Curl Envy (CE)

Alright I’m going to keep this post short before I start rambling. So the other day I was on Instagram and found a few type 4 hair pages, which I decided to follow. I’ve been observing the kind of hairstyles that mostly get posted on these pages and to my disappointment, one thing has become clear….this “curl” thing is real… [...]

Aug 082014
We've been nominated for the African Hair Awards!

Woop! We are pleased to announce that FroChic has been nominated for the 3rd Annual African Hair Awards which are taking place 12 September 2014 at Vodacom World in Midrand, Johannesburg as part of the African International Hair Extravaganza. FroChic has been nominated under the People’s Most Informative Hair Blog category! The African International Hair Extravaganza  (AIHE) will be running for the 3rd [...]

Jul 152014
My Favourite Curly Looks On Locs

“Curls, curls, curls…curls I do adore” [singing] Lol, ok to be serious now :-)…lately I have been fun trying out different curl styles/patterns on my locs! My locs are now at that length where I can experiment more with curls. I used to look at at lock’ed sisters with long, curly locs and be so envious and wonder when I would be [...]

Jun 242014
Update: Lerato's Afro

Last year September we featured Lerato after she did her Big Chop and we shared her hair story with you guys. 10 months later she sent us updated pictures of her afro & my, oh my, has it grown! She looks beautiful!    It’s growing very fast; no hair dryer anymore. I am taking advice from u guys when you post. So you see, [...]

Jun 172014
My Latest Obsession - Suede Nike Blazer High Tops

I only bought these in back March but you’d never tell…like if shoes could go on a strike, this pair would be on their 2nd month. I’m not a trend follower; I always know exactly what’s I want in my wardrobe and this pair of Black suede Nike Blazer high tops were just what I needed to alternate with my [...]

Jun 132014
#IAmFroChic Photos!

Finally the pics are out and we are sooo happy with Monique and Vinny’s work!! Without further ado, presenting our #IAmFroChic FACES!! Nokx   Creative Copywriter in Adverstising from Albermarle, Germiston. I’m still trying to figure out why I love my natural hair. I’ve always been a proudly bald black girl. When it grew, I would grit my teeth and [...]

Jun 052014
Product Review: Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel

I FINALLY got my hands on the Jamaican Mango & Lime range of products! Woop! I have seen it appear in a few reviews from other loc’ed naturals but somehow I thought this brand wasn’t available in South Africa. Then the other day I came across a post from Africanhairblog on a list of clarifying shampoos. As I read through her post, one of [...]

May 292014
#IAmFroChic Photoshoot Day

So the #IAmFroChic photoshoot day finally came…and went What a lovely day we had with the 4 winners in the CBD (Jo’burg). Unfortunately Lyz couldn’t join us but we’re hoping she’ll be at our next shoot *hint hint to the #IAmFroChic ladies* The weather was in our favour, all thanks to God in whom we’re not ashamed to say we [...]

May 292014
Beauty and The Budget

Many many many years ago when I had dreadlocks, one of the things I loved was the low monetary maintenance they came with. In the beginning all I needed was a Jabu Stone spray, a Colgate shampoo and some moulding cream and then I was set. I only started visiting hair salons once they grew past shoulder-length and even then, [...]

May 282014
Photos: Little Ashanti

Yesterday we shared a picture of Thando Hopa, an albino model, on our Facebook page and a lot of people were wowed by Thando’s beauty. Source We were also wowed by just how gorgeous she is when we came across her picture on Twitter (@Thando_hopa)…So much so that we just had to share her pic! We then received an email from a mother whose daughter is also albino and she wanted [...]


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