Dec 182014
Event Review: Urban Zulu Natural Beauty Salon Launch

The launch of the Urban Zulu Natural Beauty Salon on the 11th of December 2014 was a fanfare attended by the chic naturals of Jozi. The hors devours, drinks, music and fashion were the backdrop and the natural hair was on the centre stage. This new salon is an extension of the Urban Zulu brand and it plans on catering […]

Dec 122014
Mbali's Natural Hair Journey

I have always been very experimental with my hair and lucky for me my momma pretty much let me do whatever I wanted to it from a fairly young age — this was both a good and a bad thing — I was given a whole lot of creative freedom. I have started locs, relaxed my hair, dyed, cut it […]

Dec 082014
Single Strand Knots

After 16 months of hits and misses, I thought my Afro and I finally got to a stage of mutual understanding. The discovery of my first single strand knot was one rude awakening that burst that bubble of illusion pretty fast. I knew all about split ends, but a piece of hair tying itself into a knot so small that only […]

Dec 012014
Natural Skincare

For as long as I can remember clear, smooth and soft skin has always been my number one beauty wish. I longed for perfect skin; ever since the first pimple made its unwelcome appearance on my face, and I have always felt that if my skin was clear, smooth and soft, I would not need any makeup. I have tried […]

Nov 282014
Our Blog In Print

We are excited to announce that our blog, FroChic, was featured in 3 different newspapers this past Sunday, 23 November! We were featured in the Sunday Independent in Gauteng, the Weekend Argus in Cape Town and the Sunday Tribune in Durban The Independent Sunday  group of newspapers have a blogging feature where they feature different bloggers every now and then, and this past […]

Nov 192014
Your Hair, Your Journey

I am a Venda girl who passes time on cricket matches and lousy books over coffee. I hate the outdoors and enjoy lazy days spent watching a good series under the covers, while my phone is on silent beside my bed to avoid any mahala weekend (or whatever it is that our network providers have invented to keep us digitally […]

Nov 132014
You're invited to the Jozi Natural Hair Brunch

A few months ago I was having lunch with some of the Azania Unlimited members and Ruth (Founder of Natural Moisture & Natural sisters blogger) mentioned a natural hair meet she’d like to organize and Shereen (Founder of Nubian Nature haircare range), myself and miss Au Curls Naturelle, Fanta Diop (previously featured here on FroChic); being likers of things said […]

Nov 122014
Why I hate it when people ask me about my hair

I am inordinately proud of my hair, to the point of being vain about it. I am also a Leo, so if you don’t comment on my hair – any comment, negative ones just roll off my back – I get positively miffed. I think this is true of most natural hair bloggers – we wouldn’t write about it so […]


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